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World After - Susan Ee

O M G. the only thing I can think about is that now I have to wait AGAIN!! 
anyway. I loved it! It can be very difficult to continue building a story after sort of finishing the "sub-story" in the first book. Susan Ee did this almost perfectly. yes I say almost. why? no one is perfect. 

the journey of penryn is funny, touching en sometimes just kick ass. the way she struggles with the whole situation, her mam, her sister and of course not, maybe, okay, just missing Raffe makes her a character that I love. As she is just 17 I had a bit of difficulty believing that she had no problem whatsoever sacrificing everything for her sister especially seeing how Paige ended up at the end of the first book. In this book she was struggling with this very thing. while sometimes she wishes to just be "normal" and walk away from it all. the situations, her integrity and plain stubbornness forces her on which makes it more believable for me. 

Raffe changed a bit, which is understandable for anyone who read the first book. I love how he struggles with his feelings, his honor and the rules. The glimpses we see of the memories in the sword allow us to better understand him and appreciate him even more. However I wanted to see a bit more of him, but that could just be my inner drooling girly girl. 

there were also some favorites from the first book. Dee and Dum (yay) Mom (uhh I'll stay away from her) and others. they create a whole world, give penryn the pushes she needs when she needs them and raise questions about how far you can go and what you are willing to do when the end of the world has arrived.