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Why did it have to end?? (well, for these characters ;) )

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson

The first two book? Finished them in a rush, one after the other, from cover to cover.

This one? I didn't want it to end, but when I started, I didn't want to stop reading either. I did put it down a couple of times, however, for example when it appeared as if Spook was going to "go over to the darkside". It didn't matter how well you thought you knew the character, Branden Sanderson had me actually believing that this character I loved so much could die, and maybe worse would actually help Ruin in it's quest to destroy the world.I didn't put down for very long though! No matter how badly I didn't want to know what catastrophe was waiting to happen.

The way Brandon Sanderson build this amazing world and its inhabitants made me forget for a minute that there were no such things as allomancers in the real world. He found an almost perfect ballance; fast paced scenes that makes you feel like you are the one fighting, followed by touching scenes that made me fall in love with not just the warrior side of the characters, but the whole package.

I laughed, I cried. I fought with them, I despaired with them. Most of all, fell in love with this amazing ragtag thieving, world saving crew and those that joined them in their struggle for freedom and survival